I have got few inquiries from my friends and students that how they could become a web developer, some are new to IT some are just strangers to the industry, but all of them a passionate on the term WEB SITE, since it is the growing trend in the IT industry everyone are putting their head to Web Development.

There are many institutions who provide Web Development courses and there are hundreds of book you can buy to learn about web development, but the main question  that most of new entries have is “What is the best and easy Steps to Learn Web Development ?”. Even I had the same question when I was starting to learn Web.


Why Learn Web Development?

The internet is the fastest and largest platform ever created for humans to learn, communicate, share, or create businesses of any kind, and all of this in just 15 years! It is estimated that in the next 2 or 3 years more than 80% of the companies around the world will become internet dependent which will cause a huge demand for web developers.

Learning Web Development will give you the opportunity to start ahead of other competitors by giving you the knowledge of the most recent web technologies and how to better apply them on your future web projects. After mastering these amazing skills you’ll have the ability to control and create anything on the web! [Says : www.udemy.com]

So this article is about describing the easy steps to become a Web Development Expert, I will discuss about the programing languages, tools & techniques throughout this article. So let’s get started.

Web Development can be divided in to three levels:

  1. Web Designing
  2. Web Development
  3. Web Engineering

Web Designing :

In this level you have to learn the basic concepts of web technologies, you will have to understand the meninges of some terminologies which I will point down later. And you have to sharpen your creative skills aswell.

Concepts to be Learned :

Web Stranded, Color Concepts in Web designing, Table Less Layout Designing, User Interface Designing.

Languages to be Mastered :

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Software Tools & Techniques to be Played :

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamviewer.
PSD to HTML Conversion, Creating Forms.

Terminologies to be Familiarized :

HTTP protocol, Web Hosting, Domain Names, Page links.

Web Development :

When you completed the Level 01, you should be able to design and create a fully fictional (basic) website, and you are also be able to host it on a server (if you have few bugs to buy a retails hosting space with a cheap domain name).

In Level 02 (Web Development) you will be learning some great programing languages and techniques along with the software tools which you learned in the previous level.

Concepts to be Learned :

Frameworks, Web 2.0, Relational Databases

Languages to be Mastered :

HTML 5, CSS 3, XML, PHP / ASP, MySQL, jQuery
PHP Framework (Cake PHP, CodeIgniter)
CSS Framework (LESS, SASS)

Software Tools & Techniques to be Played :

WAMP/ XAMP, Adobe Dreamviewer, Eclipse IDE

Terminologies to be Familiarized :

Validation, Frameworks, SEO, Libraries, MVC, FTP


Web Engineering

After completing Level 02 you will be able to develop a dynamic website which will connect to database, and you will be able to manipulate the data’s which are entered by the forms display them in pages. At this stage you can start to do #freelance projects or work in a web development company as a junior web designer.

Level 03 is just the start of becoming a web engineer, I am only discussing the basic steps on this level, there are many paths, many languages & techniques to learn, if you could reach to this step then you will know which path you should select to achieve your dream Job.

Concepts to be Learned :

Responsive Designing, Content Management Systems, Payment Gateways, Template Designing, Plugin & Component Development.

Languages to be Mastered :

CMS (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal)
CSS Responsive Framework (Bootstrap, Foundation, Gumby Framework)

Software Tools & Techniques to be Played :

Adobe Dreamviewer, Eclipse IDE / Net Beans
Browser Extensions (FireBug, Web Developer Tools)

Terminologies to be Familiarized :

MVC Architecture, AJAX, Versioning, Bug Fixing, Validation


Entering to the Level 03 is just the beginning of your journey to the world of web, you have many thing to master, and many new technologies are arising every day. There are plenty of opportunities for you to grab, in this level you can start to do some great startup projects some creative stuff which will bring you joy and cash.

I hope this article would give you some guidance for you to start your career, you are free to give me some advises.


I am a young, passionate individual with an enthusiastic attitude who thrives in creative environments. I hold a solid understanding of the design process and display a keen interest in emerging technologies and innovative products. I'm considered to be a 'Jack of all trades' and a complete creative nutcase!


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