Today I am honoured to share with you two great freebies from – a beautiful library of thousands premium graphics that are ready to rock your next design. Creating your own UI kits, or hiring someone to create them for you, can be quite bothersome for these reasons. Fortunately, you do have better choices. However, it makes sense to understand just why you need to have great quality UI kits in the first place and why you can’t gloss over their importance.


Funky Tunes – The Music UI Kit

Download free Premium Modern Touch UI Kit from PixelKit - Freebie (2)


This UI kit is perfect for a modern musician or band website. It features a lot of specific elements like video and audio players, playlists and music charts. The Funky Tunes kit has outstanding aesthetics and would be the best choice to create an app or a website to stand out from the crowd.


En Vogue – The Shopping UI Kit

Download free Premium Modern Touch UI Kit from PixelKit - Freebie (1)


When you need to build a great ecommerce website, En Vogue is the greatest choice to make. Whenever you are working with a client, you have to make sure that you are exceeding their expectations. They want their site to look perfect, just as you promised and En Vogue is the UI kit that succeeds to fulfil this task.


You will find a number of great reasons to love PixelKit UI library:

  • Use with 960 grids
  • Easy to use with HTML
  • Scalable vector graphics
  • Works with mobile sites
  • Find new UI kits each month

Of course, the biggest benefit when you subscribe to PixelKit is the time that you are going to be able to save. Think for a moment about all of the time that you are spending right now on UIs. Whether you are creating them on your own, or you are hiring out, you are wasting a substantial amount of time with each job. With this fantastic resource, you have a much better and easier way of getting the UI kits that you need to develop beautiful sites that look perfect and work perfect.


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