Milky Way photography in Dubai and How to get there

Best location for Milky Way
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Well there is always Christmas for photographers living in Dubai, as every day is perfect day for shooting some stunning photos, or practice photography skills. There are tons of photographers, bunch of photography groups and couple of events in Dubai. so in UAE terms there is no summer for photography 😛

Start of summer you would probably notice event request from few of the famous photography groups for Milky Way shoots. April – May is the best time for Milky Way or Star Trail photography here in UAE. as the sky is super clean and the weather is perfect for shooting those beautiful stars.

Shooting Starts is one of the best photography experience I have had, as I had to drive over 100Km towards the desert and stare at the sky for hours.

Which are the best places for Milky way Photography?

There are few good spots for super cool Milky way photography.

Liva Desert – Abu Dhabi

Fantastic spot as it has very less light pollution in the sky. Almost 170Km from Dubai.

Al Razeen Desert – Abu Dhabi

Again a nice spot, has some for ground for composition, Almost 150Km from Dubai.

Things to consider;

  • You are exposed to nature so there are things you should be aware.
  • Beware of skanks and other desert animals.
  • Bring Food and water, you might get dehydrated and hungry.
  • Fill up the Fuel, do not stuck in the desert with our fuel.
  • Torch comes handy in the pitch dark.
  • Go with a bunch of photographers.

Photography groups to follow for Milky Way

UAE Landscapers

Photowalk Dubai

Fotografos ME

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