Humans are Special Humanoid Computers, Manufactured By God (Allah) and released with a default OS, Religions & Philosophy’s are the efferent kinds of OS, Parents Override their methods & constructors for their own needs, Devils (Shaithan) inserts some malicious codes such as virus, Trojan horses, worms in to the main Kernel, then God sent some Software engineers to install anti virus programs, Holy Bible, Holy Qur’an are some of the Anti virus software’s developed by those software engineers, Most off all the Scriptures are hacked except Holy Qur’an. Qur’an is the latest update which has all the patches and bug fix, ISLAM OS is the best recommended OS which comes inbuilt with Holy Qur’an.

Every Humanoids are requested to format and install the ISLAM OS with Qur’an Anti virus software. Some companies tries to blame on ISLAM OS saying many lies please do not fall in to those traps, since ISLAM OS is the final OS developed and deployed by the true Manufacturer.

– Humanoid Rimaz.


I am a young, passionate individual with an enthusiastic attitude who thrives in creative environments. I hold a solid understanding of the design process and display a keen interest in emerging technologies and innovative products. I'm considered to be a 'Jack of all trades' and a complete creative nutcase!

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