Summer started, Ramadan was just near, and we wanted to explore few more before the sun strike us in few weeks time. It was just after a photo walk we went to shoot milky way in Abu Dhabi. While we were thinking where to go? An idea came up out from the blue. “Why Not Oman”?

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Well Oman is a huge country with tons of locations to explore, as a Photographer it’s a huge deal. As one of my good friend said, “To be honest Oman has many things to explore, and we cannot cover in just few days”, so we decided let’s start eating from one corner of the pizza!

Which are the Ways to travel to Oman?

You can travel from Dubai to Oman by many ways;

Travel by Flight

Airlines like Emirates, Etihad Airways, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia and Oman Air provides plenty of low-cost flights as well as travel and tour packages for reasonable rates.

Travel by Road

  • Drive to Oman in own Car by road
  • Bus Hire by Tour package providing companies.
  • Bus service by Oman National Transport Company
  • Boat Cruise

Obviously, we chose the fun way “Drive”. Which took around 4 – 5 Hours to reach our destination.

Well what is next?

How to Get Oman Visa, is it easy?

We did not have any clear idea how and where to get the Oman tourist visa, as most of the websites and blogs were outdated and conflicts with each other. so had to Visit the Oman consulates to clarify things. (which was waste of time)

If you are a UAE Residence, just go to websites, register yourself and provide the required documents, Pay 50 AED. And that’s it you will receive an email conformation with in 20 Minutes, it is that easy.

Important: Do not for get to print out the PDF document with the email, as that is the document you need to provide to get your visa at the border. Please take print outs on all the required documents as it will help you a lot at the border.

Which Border to take to go to Oman, for UAE Expats?

There are many borders according to some news websites and blogs, as some are restricted to Expats.

  • Hatta Border – Wajaja border (Take Oman Hatta road E44 parallel to Dragon Mart – international city. Approximately 145 kilometers from Dragon Mart).
  • Al Ain border with Oman connecting Buraimi (As per recent restrictions only for UAE nationals).
  • Khatmat Malaha-  Fujairah.
  • Jebel Hafeet border – Al Ain.
  • If you want to go to Musandum (Kasab – Oman) then take Ras Al Khaimah border.

We took Jabel Hafeet Border, as it was easy for us to reach and our destination was not Muscat.

Do I need get a car insurance to travel Oman and how much?

Yes (If your car doesn’t have Oman insurance coverage), we got the car insurance at the border for 80 AED and you also need to pay 35 AED per person to pass the border.

If your visa and all other documents are valid and cleared at the border, then the next is to start the engine and sit on the accelerator for 5 hours.

Where to stay and what to eat?

As we know food, shelter, internet and camera are basic needs of human. So you have to book a hotel in advance and you can find hotels near your desired location at a reasonable rate. Always try to juice up your mobile device and camera batteries.

Good food is good mind, as a middle eastern Expat, you will find Mandi, Biriyani, Kabab, Kubus, Roti and everything…. Also you will find some interesting food stalls by the side of the road. Where you can experience camel meat with squid soup (Which was literally amazing)

People, Culture and life style – Capture the moments

The whole purpose of travel photography is to experience the diversity of people, their culture and the lifestyle. And you will find all of them there in Oman.

The voyage just started and there are lot more to explore……

Short Video of Nizwa

* The Price and Border related information are subjected to change

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