Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making waves in the field of content creation, with many businesses and individuals turning to it as a means of automating the production process. However, while AI can certainly be a powerful tool, there are also many reasons why it may not be the best choice when it comes to creating content. In this article, we’ll take a look at five of the most compelling reasons why you should proceed with caution when implementing AI in your content creation strategy.

SEO Content Creation

There is a high chance that Google may develop an algorithm, or it can change its search engine algorithm to identify whether the content was created using AI or not. In that case, it may, or may not rank your website, blog, or page accordingly. So it is better not to use AI purely, but you can use AI to create your content and optimize it for actual humans.


It is preferable to learn a new skill the traditional way rather than using AI to speed up the process. For example, using AI to learn to edit a photo in Photoshop using an AI plugin will limit the skill that you need to acquire to edit the photo or understand the editing workflow, or simply using chat or GPT to write your school essay.This will definitely not serve the purpose. The purpose is for you to learn how to understand the subject on which you’re going to write.

Creative Process

AI should not or cannot be the primary source of creative input; it can be a supplement to support, but it should not be the primary source of ideas, decisions, or any creative process, such as painting a masterpiece.Using an AI to create a masterpiece, will not make you any better. It may and will have an impact on your creativity and thought process, and you will begin to rely on AI for the creative process for everything else.


When communicating with your customers’ prospects by using AI, you will limit the human interaction between you and your customers. This may lead to a lesser understanding of your audience, your customers, and it can eventually affect your overall business as you will not know what your customers’ real needs are or what their pain points are.

Emotional Decision making

As Jim Kwik says in his book Limitless, how do you feel when someone tries to impose their thinking on you? If a family member, a friend, or a colleague came up to you and said, “Don’t think about this,” in your opinion, you would try to get away from that person as soon as you possibly could, yet when we immediately reach for the Internet to provide us with any information, we are essentially inviting the same thing.

So, using AI for emotional decision-making is not the smartest thing to do. I strongly believe we don’t need to be the smartest person in the whole universe to be who we are, as we are humans with human intelligence, so let us be who we are.

Yes, AI is the next revolution, and it is going to be the norm in the future, but it should be used as an add-on to enhance our natural human intelligence, not purely replaced. I predict and I believe very soon that there will be a new term called “AI addiction,” where people get addicted to the use of AI, which will affect humanity greatly, so use AI wisely.


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