COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, is a challenge for everyone.

I know positive social support can improve our capacity to cope with stress. But right now we’re being asked to keep our distance from others to minimise the spread of the virus.

Here are a few tips that could help you survive, stay connected and make the best of isolation.

Learn something new

Since we are locked down most of the countries, every day is a weekend and on most weekend we have lots of activities to do, meet friends hang out late at night and more. but now we have to stay in one place, Why not put it to good use by doing an online course? And this is the best opportunity to do a few of those stuff from your wish list or those new year resolutions.

You could learn to cook or help your partner, family member on household works.
Learn a musical instrument.
Learn a new language.
Learn a new subject like Digital marketing, Wen designing, SEO.

There are many free and paid platform you can learn from, bellow are some of my suggestions.

Udemy the best paid reasonably priced online learning platform.
LearnAboutTheWeb a free platform to learn all about web technologies.

listen to podcast

We always wanted to listen to podcasts but there is no time in our busy life, well now you have lots of time to kill or live. here are some of my favourite podcast shows.

Hidden Brain
Make Me Smart with Kai and Molly
Science Vs
WorkLife with Adam Grant
Every Little Thing
StartUp Podcast

read books

My personal favourite is to read and finish all those books I wanted to read for a long time, you will still have more time after doing all those mentioned above, so why not read some book? I love to read self-help books and here are some of the books I loved.

What Extraordinary People Know by Anthony Moore
The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau
Do Less, Get More by Shaa Wasmund
Get Smart! by Brian Tracy
Keep Going by Austin Kleon
Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon
The Million Dollar Blog by Natasha Courtenay-Smith

do some fitness activities

Social distancing and self-isolation will be a challenge for many people. This is because humans are innately social. this leads to loneliness, anxiety and stress. and some may start some unhealthy habits such as overeating, oversleeping or eating unhealthy food.

So planing the day and including some physical activities such as a daily workout in the morning or evening, doing yoga, listening to music, dancing would help to burn some calories and keep you active throughout the day.

start a hobby

Spending time doing an enjoyable activity that is not attached to work or other commitments will help increase your happiness and satisfaction with life. It will allow you to spend time doing something that is only for your own personal benefit, and not the benefit of others.

Without having a hobby, your life may become boring, seem demanding, and end up in an unhealthy cycle. While having a routine is great because it is so easy, incorporating a hobby into your life can add excitement and spark that it may need to increase your personal satisfaction.

Sometimes it is important to bring some change to what might seem like a boring life.

You even can start a hobby which could benefit you financially. or even benefit others. such as

Starting a blog, podcast, youtube channel or photography.


Here are some tips to remain connected when you’re practising social distancing or in quarantine.

Spend time connecting with the people you are living with. If you are in a lockdown situation, use this time to improve your existing relationships.

Try to reconnect to your old friends from school, people you had good chelaship and lost due to your busy life.

Reach out to family members, distance relatives whom you lost contact.

Connect to God.

plan the future

This is not going to stay forever, and let’s hope and pray that this social lockdown will end very soon. when this end what is your next step? is it going back to the same boring lifestyle? or improve yourself?

while you are locked inside your small space, you could think outside the box, plan what things you could do from the things you have learnt and hobbies you developed.

When everything’s over, you will be a new person with a new goal.

Listen to my podcast on the same topic.

If thinking positively it all happed but you could turn them for good, there are so many things to do with in the less time we live in this world. why not utilize this time to reach our goals.

So get thinking, take good actions, and be creative to see how you can help to minimise not only the spread of COVID-19, but its social and psychological effects too.


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