Tech blogs are on a progression since the rise of the digital industry is overwhelming. These tech freaks are looking for places with hot news from tech world every day.

It took me a while to figure out a daily reading routine, but I am glad I have found one that works well for me. It still takes some time and commitment to complete the list, but believe me, it is worth it.

I’d encourage you to take a look at each of them, check their content out, and find out which of them fit in with your tech news intake the most.

Here are my 5 must reads when they come in every day or at least twice a week.


I have been a follower of honkiat for over five years, one of the best blog for designers and developers, it not only covers coding and designing, it covers great technology articles as well. They publish articles almost every week so your feeded with new or latest tech informations every week.

Smashing Magazine

The best online magazine for web designers with tons of valuable content. They organize workshops around the world, they write books, and release wallpapers monthly.


A leading design blog which provides daily resources like useful tips, tutorials, inspirational artworks and tools for web designers and developers.


This is another website that doesn’t require any introduction – I’m sure most of you know about one of the top and much influential technology blog on the Internet. Mashable covers everything that happens in social news space. Like the previous, it provides latest tech news, gadgets reviews as well as science stuff and helpful guides to the Internet users.

David Walsh

If you get yourself comfortable in the field of software development, you’ll definitely stumble upon the blog of David Walsh. You’ll find great articles about CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and much more. Make sure to check out his web development blog.



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