These days anyone who come to Dubai on tourist visa should exit from Dubai and enter again to get the work visa, so the easiest way is to fly to the nearest country, there are many possible countries to fly such as Oman, Qatar or any nearest countries. To fly to any country you must get a visa unless you cannot travel there. But Kish you do not need a visa since it’s a freezone Island, you do not need a visa to fly to Kish Island. You only need up and down ticket and your passport.


About Kish Island.

Kish Island is a beautiful island and touristic resort located on the north east of the Persian Gulf (Khalij-e Fars) about 17 km (10.2 miles) from the southern offshore of the mainland Iran. Kish is a free trade zone.

To know more about Kish :

Many people (most of all) do not have any idea about Kish and what happens there when you go, so I intend to write this to provide some information’s based on my experience in Kish Islands.

Needed things prior to fly Kish:

  • Passport
  • Air Ticket to Kish (around 700AED)
  • Deposit at the airport  (around 1500AED)
  • Pocket Money
  • Hotel Deposit (500 for Arabian or Africans & 300 for others)
  • Cloths & other things for minimum 3 days

Expenses with pricing

  • Room charge : 40AED (free for first day) – Price may change depend on the Hotel or may have to keep a deposit.
  • Breakfast : Free
  • Lunch : 10AED
  • Dinner : 5AED – 9AED
  • Tea : 1AED
  • Tea with Milk : 1.5AED
  • Soft Drink : 2AED
  • Internet for 1 Hour : 5AED (Very Slow)
  • International calls : 1.5AED per Min
  • Wifi 1 Hour: 5AED
  • Photocopy : 5AED
  • Scan : 7AED
  • Du or Etisalat Cards : 5AED extra
  • Taxi : 20AED up and down
  • Bus to airport : 5AED (but it should be 1AED if many)

Over Stay

If you stay more than 14 days you will have to get an Iranian visa it might cost 70 AED

*You cannot call and your phone works on roaming, outgoing calls are not allowed, only incoming is allowed, but messaging is allowed.  If you stay for long days its better you buy a local SIM Card its cheaper (25AED).

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When we book the ticket the ticketing office do not give us any information about what will happen in Kish, unless we ask them many times, some they charge extra amount for the hotel and other facilities, for me they charged 750AED saying it is for the hotel, but the truth is you only have to pay for the ticket do not pay for anything else.

According to my knowledge, the Kish airline has few affiliated hotels (lodge), you will have to stay there they are especially for the visitors who travel Kish for visa changing. If they say Hotel it means it’s a Camp or lodge, each room has around 5 – 6 beds, everything is shared, you are responsible for your things and you will find many nationalities in groups, so you can join them when you go there, as a Sri Lankan I was with a nice group of Sri Lankan, they treated me like their own blood. And every one helps each other.

20130417_212956 20130417_213042

Do’s and Don’ts when you are in Kish

From Dubai to Kish Island it will take around 40min, the flight is not comfortable but they provide a good service, they give you a box in it you will find a piece of cake, a drink packet (mango) and salted peanuts. When you arrive you will find a big signage which says “WELCOME TO BEAUTIFUL KISH ISLAND” and mostly all of them laughs, still I laugh when I think if my days in Kish because we are not in the beautiful part of the island we wore in an isolated place. When you arrive to Kish you should follow some important instructions and there are few things you must know before you fly there.


  • Take some extra money; you should take minimum 800AED, since you must pay for the hotel 500 deposits if you are Arabian or African, 300 for other nationalities.
  • If you are a female you should cover your body with “Abaya” it is a must, so take some decent cloths, if you do not have they will provide you at the airport.
  • Life there is not easy it’s expensive and you cannot assure that you will get the visa as your employer promised so be prepared.
  • Send the hotel Fax & email to your employer so when they got your visa they will send to the hotel and then they will print it to you.
  • When you receive your visa take it and go to the Kish Airline office and schedule your flight then go to the hotel and inform them so they will check out you and provide your passport and deposit money.
  • There are two flights each day and your hotel will provide you the bus transport, there is a bus in the morning 7AM and there is one in the evening.
  • Please check for the arrival airport and terminal when you are booking the tickets back to Dubai.
  • Do not forget to get the deposit at the airport when you coming back.



  • If you are a female please wear decent cloths, it is prohibited to wear open cloths.
  • Drinking alcohol or any other is strictly prohibited but smoking is allowed
  • Do not misplace or be carless on your belongings.
  • Do not pay any think more than the ticket fare to the travel agency.
  • Do not pay anything more than the deposit and room rent in the hotel, also do not forget to get your hotel deposit.
  • Do not take photos at the airport, there are no sing boards, but it is strictly prohibited.

The life there in Kish is not really fun as we thought, it’s a hard life there, we are not tourist we go there to get our work visa, so it is normal to experience such stay there, but please keep in mind it may take many days to get your visa, some stay here for many weeks, I met one person he was there for 40 days, so be prepared for the consequences.

20130417_105543 20130416_231644

When you arrive to the Kish airport to fly Dubai, make sure you have your visa copy and tickets, the flight is mostly to Dubai, so if your visa is in Sharja or Abu Dhabi airport please inform to your employer. When you arrive to Dubai there is a counter to collect your Visas, you should show your visa copy and collect the original visa, then check out from the immigration.

Done! You are in Dubai.

Let’s enjoy our stay in this beautiful multidivers country.

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    • yes it is, and Kish is an Island from Iran, they are so strict on those issues, you will be sent to a hotel or a camp and the girls are separated from boys. no need to worry,

      Good luck

  1. Sir,
    I’m from Kazakhstan. I have plan to travel to Dubai by tourist agent. And also I plan to go Kish island for 2-3 days just for rest. Kindly explain me , how to get ticket from Dubai airport to Kish and how much price, also need visa to Kish ?


    • Thank you for reading my article bro,

      You can get air ticket from Dubai airport or any other travel agent, the price is mention in my article, then you dont need to have a visa it is on arrival visa from Dubai to kish.

      good luck

    • Hi Edge, the 1500AED deposit is to ensure that you are going to Kish island for the visa change and you will return back, It is not a must for some nationalities i believe.

  2. You are so interesting! I don’t suppose I’ve read through a single thing like this before.
    So wonderful to find somebody with unique thoughts on this subject matter.
    Seriously.. thank you for starting this up. This website is something that
    is needed on the internet, someone with a bit of originality!

    • I am not sure with that, but note: that you have to pay 1500AED at UAE airport before you go to kish, it is not compulsory for some nationalities as per my knowledge.

        • Hi Rosalie,

          Kish air line is the only flight service there to kish and You can book the ticket from any Travel agencies here, you need to contact a travel agent since Kish Airline does not have an online booking system (as per my knowledge).

  3. hi,
    need your help as if i get visa today evening until wat tme i can book the tickets.. is there any time limit as since tomorrow is friday isit possible to book and come back to dubai from kish

    • Hi Anitha,

      If you get the visa when you are in kish, if you get it in the morning then there is a high chance you can book the ticket for the evening flight, if you get it in the evening then you will have to book the ticket the next day.

      good luck.

  4. hi Brother, your writing hand is superb. i m planing to go to kish to hire some female lady for my cleaning company. i want your advise on that pls.

  5. Am vivian a nigerian ,but in dubai now .i want to come to kish for my visa change please tell me what is require to be there.

    • As I mentioned in my blog, you need followings,

      Air Ticket to Kish (around 700AED)
      Deposit at the airport (around 1500AED)
      Pocket Money
      Hotel Deposit (500 for Arabian or Africans & 300 for others)
      Cloths & other things for minimum 3 days

      Just message me if you need to know anything more about it.

      Good Luck, have a safe flight.

  6. Hi bro, nice article. My employer says i have to travel Kish on this upcoming Monday but i was wondering why can’t they issue me visa from here? SO i could just take the visa with me and just travel back right away without waiting for them to send the visa? Also you mentioned that the Etisalat sim doesn’t work there? So i wont be able to contact them unless i get the local sim? and that air ticket of 700 AED is a return ticket? means for both going and coming back? is the hotel deposit must? Awaiting your answer

    • Hi Adil,

      Sorry for the late reply, In most cases they can not issue the visa unless you exit from the country (as per my knowledge), Kish is the only place near you can travel with out an arrival visa, you can contact your employer from the hotel local telephone, email. and they can call you but in most cases you can not call them.

      • Hi,

        You can get your visa while staying here but you will have to pay an extra 660+550 = 1,210
        You employer will not be willing to pay this.

        • Hi sir,

          My employer is willing to pay this amount 1210 , but where we need to pay this

          I am in a tourist visa and my employer(Abudhabi) is saying me that he is going to apply my visa on the coming Sunday so i need to leave from here.

          Is it correct or kindly advise any other solutions without leaving from Dubai.

  7. Hi rimaz I am also going to kish on Monday so that 700 is for the return ticket right ? Also do we have to pay that 300 hotel deposit and it’s refundable right ?

    • Hi Adil,

      Yes the Air ticket is around 700AED (But please check it in a travels), the hotel deposit differs depend on the hotel you stay, for me I had to deposit only 40AED, and yes if you deposit it is refundable.

      Good luck, and safe flight.

  8. Hai Rimaz,i am also going to kish on this week,what if i want to stay more than two weeks in kish island. still we need 1500 AED?to deposit in dubai airport?am an indian nationalities

    • Hi Ji,

      If you think that you have to stay there for morethan 2 weeks, then you must consider getting a visa in Kish, it is allowed to stay only 14 days in kish with out a kish visa, if you overstay you may have to get a kish visa, and also you have to deposit in Dubai airport.

      Good luck.

      • Hai Rimaz,thanks for your valuable reply,i ask to this things (regarding the Deposit)one of the agency told me no need to deposit.especially for the indian nationality.and why we need to deposit in airport ?what the reason for that ?and how much for the KISH visa?do you have any idea?

        • Hi Jiji,

          You are welcome, as per my knowledge you have to keep a deposit, the reasons are.

          1. You dont get a Kish visa to arrive to kish Island, to go to any country you need a visa, at-least on-arival.
          2. It is just a assurance that you return back.

          but if the travel agent toled you that you dont need may be they are right. the Kish visa was max 700AED, but most of the travel charge 650AED.

          Please share the post among your friends (facebook, twitter, Google+)
          Good luck.

  9. Hai Rimaz,i just want ask you something,if i stay there in kish more than two weeks do you have any idea for the Expence,i mean how much money i should take?

    • Hi Jiji,

      Just read the post again to get a good idea of expenses, but I can list the expenses ass bellow,

      Room Rent = 40AED (min)
      Food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner ) : 6AED + 10AED + 9AED = 25AED
      Drinks = 1AED

      Total per Day = 66AED
      Total Basic Expenses per week = 462AED

      *This is may change according to your budget, and if you are going with few others better try to cook, or find some friends in the flight or there in the hotel and you can share the expenses.

      Please share your experiences when you come back.

  10. HI Rimaz,
    Is there any money exchange service available there? can we arrange money via exchange from uae on unexpected delay of our visa issue.
    best regards,

    • Hi Habeeb,

      Yes there is money exchange, you can receive money from “Al Ansari Exchange”, as per my knowledge you can transfer money only from “Al Ansari Exchange”.

      Good luck, safe flight.

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  11. wow..I never knew that there is an island named Kish Isand, I am new in Dubai and will definitely visit Kish Island during weekend after ramdan. Thank for the post and pics rimaz 🙂

  12. Hai Mr.rimaz,sorry to disturb you again,i told u that am going to kish,i got the ticket from on of the agency in(dubai),after that i asking about my accommodation,but they told me they will not arrange that.i need to stay at least two weeks. how can i find the Lodge/Hotel?Because its a new place and where i can find ?is there is any hotel agents are there?and one more thing i just want ask u ,is there is any exchange over there like (Al-ansari/Western union).what are the documents need for withdrawing money?and where i can get my kish visa:?

    • Hi JiJI,

      Please read my conversation with others in the commenting area, you will find the answers to your questions, when you arrive the island you will get a transport (just try to sit in front or hurry to the check out after you land) and they will take you to their hotels, do not worry much, they have Taxi to pick you to hotel if you want, but better go with the crowd, I mean there will be a bus to take you to their hotels, and you just have to follow what I mentioned in the post.

      there are Exchange aswell.

      Good luck.

      Please share this post in (facebook, Twitter & Google+)

  13. Hi,

    Can you tell me i want to exit to kish, i just cancelled from employment visa week back, now i m thinking to exit to kish, and i will receive my 90 days visa there, so will i able to return to Dubai.