It is going to be another spectacular attraction in Dubai, and the place is not far than your usual hangout spot the Dubai Mall. Just next to the Cinema. (Level 2)

PARK or PVRK is a new entertainment combines augmented reality with virtual reality experience, the best place for thrill seekers, gamers and for sure nerds!


Virtual reality theme park opens at Dubai Mall

In Plummet, one will have a skydiving experience while Dune Bash will give someone a close encounter with camel spiders, scorpions, snakes and other thrilling creatures.

I felt I was at inception as the world is upside down, the roof is projected with live 3D animations which creates the illusion of parallel universe.

The two-story attraction comes complete with 18 experiences suitable for different ages. Entry to VR park is free, with each activity and experience priced individually from Dhs15 to Dhs45.

Note that you do not need to pay to enter the park, it is free to explore.

Check out their facebook page and their website for more information.




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