You don’t need to spend thousands to set up your smart home. There are a number of devices, that you can use to turn on your lights, change the temperature, play music, TV shows and movies, and even keep an eye on your house while you’re away. These are some of budget smart home devices you must own.

As smart home technology evolves, traditional home automation hubs are becoming less and less necessary to build an interconnected home. In place of these third-party hubs, companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple are pushing a new wave of smart speakers and intelligent assistants that work just as well as—if not better than—traditional hubs. (

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Google Home Mini – Smart Assistant

In order to connect your smart devices and control them without a remote or mobile phone. A smart assistant is the best choice. There are a couple of big brands in the market like Amazone, Google. I prefer Google Home Mini as it is small and beautifully designed. with built-in speakers, Bluetooth and most importantly it’s budget-friendly.

The Mini is available in charcoal grey, chalk grey, coral, and mint green.

The best part is that it will take less than 5 minutes to set up if you are an Android user, most of your configurations are automatically done as when you connect with your Gmail account.

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Smart WiFi Plug Extensions & Smart WiFi Plugs

A Wi-Fi Smart Plug is a great way to jump-start your Connected Home, it’s a simple-to-use device that you can plug into any open outlet, giving you control of whatever is plugged into it.

Simply plugin the wife extension or the wifi plug, install relevant mobile app compatible with the plugs and connect them to google home mobile app. then you can control them from the google home mini. literally, that’s it.

This smart plug or the extension is the best solution to connect your non-smart devices and give them an opportunity to get smart.

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Smart TV – TCL 43 Inch Android Smart TV 

One of the best Smart TV I could find in the market which actually does not break the bank, it is around AED1050, its slim design gives a premium look for the TV.

The Android OS (Operating System), with a built-in voice assistant, Google play store, google music, Netflix and many more apps takes the TV to another level.

If you already own a non-Smart TV, you can always convert it a bit smarter by plugging in Google chrome cast.

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Lifx Mini Smart Bulb

LIFX Mini is a smart bulb. As the name implies, these bulbs are indeed a bit smaller and easier to fit into most fixtures. controlled with the mobile app or connect with your Google Home Mini.

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These the must-have smart devices for your beautiful home, you could upgrade and add more connected devices gradually according to your wants and needs.

Let’s Get Smart 🙂


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