Looking for great home photography projects to keep your creative juices flowing? The global lockdown might mean that you’re stuck indoors, but there are plenty of ways to get creative with a camera in the comfort of your home.

Part of becoming an improved photographer is understanding how to challenge yourself to put the skills you already have to the test and acquire new skills that will allow you to expand your boundaries as a photographer.

If you’re spending most of your time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic like me, you may be thinking that your options for photography projects are pretty limited. You might be lacking inspiration or frustrated that you can’t go to cool locations.

I had the same feeling on the first week of lockdown, but then I decided to break that barrier and try to find ways to kill my boredom also to create good content for my social feeds.

Below are some of the ideas I tried out on my lockdown which you also can try out. and can be tackled at home using subjects or materials that you already own to help boost your snapping skills.

These ideas are simple, can be easily modified according to what equipment you have or what result you are trying to achieve.

Photograph Food

What could be a better way to practice photography around the house than shooting food? You can cook a humble meal and then, using some props, turn into a true masterpiece. All you need is a good source of light (preferably natural, but you can also use a flash to balance out the image), a few props (dishes, utensils, flowers, etc.) and some styling.

If you want to add more creativity to it, pop some good lighting and add some smoke or spray splash of water.

Water Splash

Splashes in motion look great, especially if you throw in a couple of objects. Set the place where you’re going to shoot, find a good solid color background, a clear container, and a tripod.

Start dropping the objects into the water and click the shutter just as they hit the water. Try not to touch your camera, use a remote shutter controller or set timer. Also make sure you have proper lighting.

second perspective

This is another creative way to show yourself from the perspective of an object, and one of the coolest but easy home photography idea. you can use your washing machine, bookshelf, fridge, flower vase basically anything to pull off this idea.

Clone Yourself

Cloning photography is something done in the right way could blow your audience mind.

Cloning photography is the process of capturing duplicates or doppelgangers of a subject in one single frame. Best part about cloning photography is that it can be used in many creative ways to create even a complex scene with many characters involved in it, where all the characters are just one subject.

Create your own world

Test your ability to create some deception to captivate your audience.

With proper lighting and bit of Photoshop skills, you can turn a soft drink bottle, miniature car or even a night lamp in to a world of wonder. it requires a bit of imagination and creativity.

Self Portraits

Taking a selfie seems to be a simple task. But if it comes to taking photos at home, you should make some efforts to get a professional image.

To achieve a better result, you may need a tripod, remote shutter controller, good lighting.

The good news is there’s nothing really more complicated about self-photography than ”normal” photography, the biggest problem is the logistics of getting yourself behind the camera, and making sure that you are in focus (and not feeling silly having a camera trained on you!) and actually pressing the shutter!

If you really don’t like to have your face in the picture, then you can take images of yourself without it having to be a full on portrait, like the one above.

A – Z Products

Grab a piece of tech, bodyspray, beauty product, your running shoes any object with an eye-catching design. set it up on a table with a nice background, it could be white, black or abstract based on your preference.

Proper lighting is key here, also you may add smoke or spray some water on the the product to give more feel to it.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Macro or Closeup

Macro photography will need special macro lens, but the idea here is to take photos of an object from super close up to show the fine detail of it. they are many ways you can achieve this.

Two simple suggestions to get you started are water droplets, you can often find this on flowers and plants in the morning or after rain, or simply spray some water onto an object like I’ve done here with an apple.

Another simple suggestion is to photograph oil and water. Simply drop some oil into a bowl of water and you’ll see so many interesting shapes to capture.

Minimal Gears You need

For all of the above photography ideas, you will need below gears, but always think creative you may pull off them even with out some of the gears / tools.

  • Camera – DSLR / Mirror less, Mobile, Action Cam.
  • Tripod.
  • Lights – Natural, Flash, Continues Lights.
  • Camera Shutter Controller.
  • Smoke / Water Spray.
  • Colour Paper / Backgrounds.
  • Creative Mind.

I am a young, passionate individual with an enthusiastic attitude who thrives in creative environments. I hold a solid understanding of the design process and display a keen interest in emerging technologies and innovative products. I'm considered to be a 'Jack of all trades' and a complete creative nutcase!


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