Looking for the best accessories for your Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera. It’s one of the most popular entry-level mirrorless cameras on the market right now. With a massive customer base of photographers, videographers, vloggers and social media influencers, With so many features especially 4K video recording.

The lightweight camera body lets you attach more accessories especially when you vlog or shoot video. there are various accessories for the camera that can help improve your work, and below are the best or must-have camera accessories you should own for your Canon M50. 


As the Canon m50 uses the EF-M lens mount that has a pretty limited and restrictive lens range for some photography and videography niches, a decent lens mount adapter can be an excellent addition to your camera accessories. It allows you to mount a number of additional lenses to your M50 body and opens the camera up to a whole range of zoom ranges that were previously unavailable to it.

VILTROX EF-EOS M2 mount adapter is designed to allow Canon EF-mount series lenses to be used on interchangeable-lens digital cameras that compatible with EF-M lens.


The M50 doesn’t have great battery life if you’re coming from a standard DSLR. It’s just something that you have to get used to, and you’ll need some spare batteries.

I did some digging around and found the DMK Power LP-E12 Battery (2-Pack) and LCD Dual USB Charger for Canon Cameras to be the best solution. Not only are they that much cheaper, but they also last longer.

The dual charger is an Innovative design allowing for two batteries being charged at the same time and Two Independent Smart LCD Display will show the result of the battery charging status.

Camera Tripod

No matter what you are using your Canon m50 for, a decent quality tripod is an almost essential camera accessory that everyone will likely need. As in most cases, this camera is used for travelling and vloging it is advisable to get a lightweight backwards foldable tripod.

My choice of the tripod is SIRUI Travel Tripods, they are super lightweight and durable.


Although pretty useless for photography niches, any type of videography, vlogging, or streaming work with your Canon m50 can make good use of investing in a cheap but high-quality external microphone. Ensuring that you are capturing the best possible audio track for your viewers or clients can really help boost your reputation as a videographer or vlogger.


Personally I do not prefer the camera strap comes with the camera, as it is difficult to remove from the camera body and it is bulky, mostly photographers or even videographers do not use camera strap, but an easily detachable camera strap comes handy when travelling or vlogging.

Speedlight or Flash Unit with transmitter

My next camera accessory suggestion for your Canon m50 is a Speedlight, with a transmitter, Your photography image quality can be improved by a surprising amount by picking up a Speedlight. There are a large number of decent entry-level flash units that will pair well with the Canon M50, and my favourite is Yongnuo Yn600Ex-RT which does its job pretty good.


Make the most of your on-camera flash with the array of modifiers made available in the Professional Flash Kit from MagMod. MagMod’s Basic Flash Kit has everything you need to create epic images quickly and easily. Control or diffuse light like a boss with a collection of our most popular modifiers and gels.


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