This is an article which predicts the future of smart phones,

Everyone has a communication device from a kid to an elder, a few years back the mobile phones are used to voice call or send text messages, then it evolved to transfer images, videos, any other types of files, now the mobile devices are more capable, you can play games, do presentations and many more things. this rapid evolution of the mobile devices has to lead to a new era of technology and communication.

Now the mobile phones can help us to watch videos, browse the internet, play games (2D, 3D and Online), and many more things and it makes our lives easier than ever we call them as Smartphones.

What is NEXT ?

These Smartphones are more capable than what we think of, in future the smartphones will replace many of the devices and services even friends or relatives :), these smartphones will be able to communicate with other devices such as your watch, pen, air condition, laptops, even shoes. also, they will be able to communicate with biological things such as our brain. the smartphones will be the AIS [Artificial Intelligence Server] which will connect all other devices and create a Personal Area Network around you with AI. I would call them as Super Smartphones [SSP].

How it WORKS ?

So all the devices will be connected and configured to your Super Smartphone, it will monitor your heart pulse from the watch you are wearing, it will detect the heat of the environment and your body from the jacket, it will count your footsteps, muscle movement and you can imagine!

Connect to your pen and recorded every letter and stored it, connect to your refrigerator check for the stock and order things pay via mobile payment, drive your car, pay the bills, controls other AI Devices, there are many possibilities what an SSP could do. since a smartphone always be a device the size of our palm or smaller so we have the full control of.

I would imagine a Robot Servant where you will dock your Super Smart Phone and he will totally act as your assistance. the Mobile phone controls the Robot, there will be Super Smart Phone controlled Robots in public places such as hospitals, parks, bus stops where you just have to dock your mobile phone then Boom! it will become your servant.

Your SSP will communicate with other SSP’s as well, you will be notified if your friend is near you, or any accidents on your way.

when you are in the supermarket you just have to open your SSP Thinks to Buy App, then it will connects to product QR code then show the locations of the list that you need to buy, no need to waste your time, you will be able to search for the things from your mobile and it will locate to the product.

This new technology of Super Smartphone which has an AI with powerful processing capabilities will lead us to a different level of tech lifestyle, and make more opportunities for new business and Startups.


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